Warning not updating lilo etc lilo conf not found

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If you choose to do that then Li Lo won't touch your MBR at all.The problem is you'll then need to find some way to boot your Ubuntu partition by chainloading Li Lo in the boot sector with some other boot manager.

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You can even use Windows NTLDR if you know how to configure it, see Matthew J.

LILO# doesn't wait if DELAY is omitted or if DELAY is set to zero.# delay=20# Prompt to use certain image.

If prompt is specified without timeout,# boot will not take place unless you hit RETURNprompttimeout=50# Specifies the location of the map file.

lilo, initrd, and Booting - Rute Linux User's Guide and Exposition - by Paul Sheer LILO mini-HOWTO - by Miroslav "Misko" Skoric There are more good Li Lo links in 'Tips For Linux Explorers', here are a few of those, The Lilo bootloader Multiboot Lilo Password Protect Lilo Booting in Runlevel 3 ( Trick with Lilo ) Making a boot floppy Boot/Rescue CD# Generated by liloconfig# This allows booting from any partition on disks with more than 1024# cylinders.lba32# Specifies the boot deviceboot=/dev/sda2# Specifies the device that should be mounted as root.# If the special name CURRENT is used, the root device is set to the# device on which the root file system is currently mounted.

If the root# has been changed with -r , the respective device is used.

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