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The book's example scorecard includes such items as: don't take your anger out on me; do your own laundry; share the yardwork; teach each kid a sport; help plan birthday parties; don't turn every back rub into sex; stop paying ATM fees.Under a category called "Evolve," they asked their husbands to "find a therapist" and "be honest with yourself." "You must step back from your relationship and, to the best of your ability, look at it as you would a business problem," they advise."We did it first by identifying the areas that needed improvement and defining our expectations, and then by giving our partners specific tasks and determining the necessary measurements to hold them accountable for improvement.It may sound cold and rigorous and corporate, but it was all we had to fall back on." Write down your issues and prioritize, they suggest.

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"That cuts down a lot of wear and tear sexually." Other conference participants included Anne and Brian Bercht, an Abbotsford, B.

The American National Center for Health Statistics reports that from 1975 to 1988, in families with children present, wives file for divorce in approximately 2/3 of the cases each year.

In 1975, 71.4% of the cases were filed by women, and in 1988, 65% were filed by women.

C., couple and co-authors of their tell-all book My Husband's Affair Became the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me!

The book, and their website, focus on strategies to prevent affairs, or to rebuild trust and intimacy in damaged relationships.

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